Levitra: What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a complicated and devastating issue to both partners within a sexual relationship. Although there are treatments available, the success of these treatments can vary depending on whether the causes of ED are physical, psychological or a combination of both.

Physical Causes

There are several physical factors that can contribute to the development of erectile dysfunction. Often, the sexual issues are really a side effect of a larger, primary physical health concern. For example, obesity does not by itself cause erectile dysfunction, although ED is definitely more common in men who are overweight. This is often because of the heart and circulatory issues associated with obesity, which also impact blood flow to the penis. Without sufficient blood flow, an erection cannot be achieved or maintained. Other physical issues that can cause erection problems include physical stress or injury, such as prostate problems or spinal cord damage. Since the incidence of many of these conditions increase with age, growing older in and of itself is considered a risk factor for developing erectile dysfunction.

Lifestyle Causes

Physical factors that contribute to the development of ED may also come about as a result of certain lifestyle choices. Excessive alcohol use, the use of some illegal drugs, and even heavy tobacco users may find they have problems achieving or maintaining erections. For some of these men, adopting healthier lifestyle choices can help to alleviate the symptoms of ED without additional treatment. Losing weight, exercising, making sure the body is getting the necessary vitamins and nutrients, and keeping vices to a bare minimum can all help improve or resolve the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Psychological Causes

Both physical capability and mental stimulation are needed for men to become physically aroused, so significant mental stress can also be the cause of erectile dysfunction. Men who are under a lot of stress, or who work in a very high-pressure environment may find that erectile dysfunction is one of the ways this stress makes itself known. Unhappiness within a relationship may also manifest in sexual problems. More serious mental health issues like depression or anxiety may lead to erectile dysfunction as well, either by themselves or as a side effect of the medication that is most often prescribed to treat these chemical imbalances. Additionally, even when ED has its roots in physical causes, the continued frustration of being unable to perform sexually may lead to one or more of these psychological symptoms, which only exacerbates the problem.


Regardless of whether the causes of ED are physical, psychological, or may be a result of lifestyle choices, Levitra is one of the preferred treatments for erectile dysfunction. This medication works by dilating the blood vessels and ensuring the penis has enough blood to achieve and maintain an erection. Under normal sexual stimulus, Levitra is able to help men get their sex lives back on track regardless of the initial causes of their condition.

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