Levitra: What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction, or ED, is diagnosed when a man has problems achieving an erection, or cannot sustain an erection for long enough to consummate sexual intercourse. These physical manifestations of ED are often accompanied by other symptoms such as reduced libido or sex drive, and stress, anxiety or depression over the struggle related to sexual dysfunction. ED can be devastating emotionally to both partners involved in a sexual relationship, and may be caused by either physical or psychological factors.

Physical Factors Contributing to ED

There are many physical issues which can contribute to the development of erectile dysfunction. Circulatory issues by themselves, or health conditions which cause circulatory problems as a secondary symptom (like diabetes) may impact erectile function. If the penis does not get sufficient blood supply, then an erection will not develop even with the appropriate amount of sexual stimulation.

Other health problems such as obesity can be one of the factors that cause erectile dysfunction. Again, this may be because obesity itself leads to so many secondary health issues like circulatory problems and Type II diabetes. Prostate issues are also related to sexual function. Men may develop ED as a result of having prostate cancer treatment or enlarged prostates. Injury to the spinal cord or genital region may also be responsible for problems achieving and maintaining erections. Lifestyle choices such as heavy drug, alcohol or tobacco use can also affect sexual behavior.

Psychological Factors Contributing to ED

Along with physical causes, there may be psychological issues that impact sexual capability as well. Stress, anxiety and depression can all lead to problems sustaining or achieving erections. Emotional problems may also appear as a result of having developed erectile dysfunction in the first place, making cause and symptom in this case sometimes difficult to separate. Although prescription drugs like Levitra were developed to help those struggling with ED resulting from physical causes, they are often effective even for psychologically-based symptoms of sexual dysfunction.


The method used to effectively treat ED can depend on the causes themselves. For example, those who have problems with ED due to high stress in the workplace, unhappiness in relationships or other emotional issues may seek counseling to learn how to address these emotional issues. With the underlying strain of psychological factors resolved, normal sexual function may return without any additional treatment.

For physical causes of erectile dysfunction, there are a few different treatments available. Mechanical aids, like suction pumps, may create a functional erection. Shots injected directly into the penis may be effective, though many patients find this type of treatment invasive and not conducive to romance. The most effective treatments are oral medications like Levitra. Taken before sexual activity is planned, Levitra increases the blood flow into the penis to facilitate a normal erection.

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Levitra Patient Information
Levitra is commonly prescribed to treat Erectile Dysfunction. Many people safely take Levitra, but there are still some things you should be aware of before choosing this treatment option.

How Well does Levitra Treat Erectile

There are many drugs for Erectile Dysfunction on the market. You might be wondering which one is the best to choose. Levitra has been shown in clinical trials to be a very effective option.

Levitra and Emotional Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction
The effects of erectile dysfunction are far from solely physical. Many men and their relationships suffer from emotional consequences as well. Recognizing these symptoms can help you come to a solution when combined with Levitra.