Levitra and Emotional Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

Although the physical symptoms of erectile dysfunction might appear to be the most damaging, there are many psychological symptoms that can be equally traumatic. Not only can psychological symptoms be caused by erectile dysfunction, in 10-20% of cases they are the reason for the erectile dysfunction. While Levitra does not specifically address these psychological factors, getting the physical problems under control can naturally lead to feeling more confident. Below are some of the most common feelings associated with erectile dysfunction:

• Stress – many men may experience relationship or personal stress due to erectile dysfunction. Partners might not understand the problem, and assume it has something to do with their sexual attractiveness. This can lead to fights and frustration, which can increase stress.

• Decreased Self-Esteem – many men associate sexual performance with how "good of a man" they are. When their sexual performance is hindered, they might experience lowered self-esteem. If their partner does not understand and blames them for the problem, these feelings can worsen.

• Anxiety – men with erectile dysfunction may come to dread any sign of impending sexual activity due to a fear of being unable to perform. In a relationship where sex might be expected, this can lead feelings of anxiety quite often.

• Depression – depression can be a consequence of any of the above emotions, or it can be felt on its own. A man might blame himself for being unable to perform sexually, and become depressed. If the man is trying different things and failing, this might confirm his beliefs that it is "his fault" and cause the depression to worsen. In reality, erectile dysfunction is a physical condition that is no one's fault.

• Paranoia – a man with erectile dysfunction might worry that his partner is seeking sexual satisfaction outside the relationship. This can result in paranoia and distrust in the relationship.

• Guilt – a man might feel guilty that he is unable to sexually satisfy his partner, especially if he believes it is his fault, or if his partner belittles him for it.

As you can see, the effects of erectile dysfunction are hardly limited to the physical. Levitra can restore your ability to have a satisfying sex life, and therefore eliminate the root reason for these emotions. However, some of these emotions could have existed beforehand, and be a cause of erectile dysfunction. If this is the case, therapy may be needed. Consult your doctor if you believe this to be true.

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Levitra is commonly prescribed to treat Erectile Dysfunction. Many people safely take Levitra, but there are still some things you should be aware of before choosing this treatment option.

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Levitra and Emotional Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction
The effects of erectile dysfunction are far from solely physical. Many men and their relationships suffer from emotional consequences as well. Recognizing these symptoms can help you come to a solution when combined with Levitra.