Levitra: Romantic Vacation Getaways on the West Coast

When it comes to romance, what could be better than the mild weather and gorgeous Pacific coastline of the West Coast? If you're planning a weekend getaway, there are a few perfect spots that are just right for a couple retreat.

Palm Springs

Palm Springs is a resort town that's well-known for its vintage shops combined with classic architectural details. Staying true to its desert heritage, however, the landscaping includes rock formations and cactus forests combined with poolside cocktails and the ultimate in resort-style vacationing. For more adventurous types, get outside by visiting Joshua Tree National Park, just an hour away and check out one of the nature trails.

San Francisco

The perfect city for a trip outside of the typical weekend, San Francisco has it all. From the sweeping lines of the Golden Gate bridge to charming trolley car rides and the infamous Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco features world-class cuisine against a backdrop of city sophistication.

Wine Country

Also in California, the world-famous Napa Valley and surrounding Wine Country are both famous destinations for romantic weekends. From wine-tastings to an impromptu picnic under the trees, gourmet restaurants and incredible views, Wine Country has it all. Whether going to the heart of Napa, or the increasingly popular Anderson Valley, these rolling hills are the perfect trip to take during late summer or early fall when the vines are at their fullest.


When you're ready to visit a city with real soul, it's time for a trip to Seattle. Grab a cup of some of the finest coffee in the country while you stroll hand-in-hand through Pike Place Market. You can tour the Space Needle for a birds' eye view of the Pacific Northwest, or you can see where Bill Gates lives. From shopping to culture, Seattle has all the right elements for a romantic weekend away.

Puget Sound

Just off the Seattle coast, this string of interconnected islands and waterways provides immediate access to the gorgeous natural landscape of the Pacific Northwest. Wildlife watching from bald eagles to whales are a favorite pastime. If the skies are clear, you can even see the peaks of Mount Rainier and the Olympic Range. The intricate ferry system adds a touch of charm to this weekend adventure, traveling from the hustle and bustle of Seattle through the mysteries of the forested Olympic Peninsula.

Before Your Trip

One element you won't have to worry about when preparing for your romantic West Coast weekend is whether romance will be in the air. By incorporating Levitra into your mini-vacation, you'll be sure to rekindle the closeness and intimacy your relationship once had. Levitra ensures that when the time is right, you won't have to worry about a thing.

Couples who are struggling with the issues surrounding erectile dysfunction can often find themselves drifting apart both physically and emotionally. With Levitra, that former closeness can be regained as the fear of performance anxiety becomes a thing of the past for both partners.

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