Levitra: Romantic Vacation Spots on the East Coast

When it comes time for a romantic getaway, the East Coast has every possible option. Whether you're in the mood to take in the big city or run off to a charming bed and breakfast, there are many choices for every type of vacation.

Martha's Vineyard

The perfect summer getaway, Martha's Vineyard is an island located just south of Cape Cod in Massachusetts. With colonial roots from the earliest American settlers and a teeming summer tourist industry, you can relax on the beach or enjoy brunch in one of the amazing restaurants. Martha's Vineyard is everything you imagine when you think of the quaint east coast, from lobsters to lighthouses. You can even visit Edgartown, famous as being the city where the movie Jaws was filmed.

New York City

If you're new to the East Coast, try New York for the ultimate romantic getaway. A truly unique city, the hustle and bustle of cabs and Broadway shows is enough to keep any couple completely entertained for the weekend. Visit well-known landmarks by day, like the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building, then nestle into a luxurious hot tub suite with a view of the skyline at night.

Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach, Virginia is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as boasting the longest pleasure beach in the entire world. Home to a major tourism industry, Virginia Beach features art museums, historical sites and many charming hotels and B&Bs when you're ready to get away from it all.

Savannah, Georgia

There's no city in the world like Savannah, Georgia. One of the hearts of the Deep South of yesteryear, you can still see proud old plantation homes covered in Spanish moss and lined with weeping willows. Savannah is famous for its architecture and its Historic District, plus its outstanding reputation for plain old-fashioned Southern hospitality.

Chincoteague Island, Virginia

Set between the Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay, Chincoteague Island is a quiet, more laid-back destination for your romantic weekend. With a focus on outdoors activities like horseback riding and oyster digging, there are ample luxury rentals and also vacation rentals from private homeowners. If you're looking to avoid the real tourist traps along the East Coast, Chincoteague Island is the perfect alternative.

Preparing for your Trip

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