Levitra: Sexual Performance and Being Overweight

For many men, obesity is a significant contributing factor to the development of erectile dysfunction. Being overweight affects the body in many ways, both physically and emotionally, many of which can impact sexual capability.

Blood Supply

One of the primary ways in which sexual function is negatively impacted by excess weight is through the circulatory system. Since an erection occurs as a result of penile blood vessels dilating, it's essential that an adequate blood supply to the area be maintained. Obesity changes the lining of the blood vessels, causing issues with blood flow all over the body.

Additionally, weight gain is often associated with atherosclerosis, the hardening and narrowing of arteries, and the buildup of plaque within the artery walls. This condition is well-known to contribute to heart attacks if occurring near the heart itself, but can just as easily affect other blood vessels, such as those leading to the penis. Since those blood vessels are quite small, they may even be hit before larger vessels, impacting erectile function before men realize the actual problem is related to heart disease.

Lowered Testosterone

Another reason why obesity can contribute to erectile dysfunction is because reduced levels of testosterone, the primary hormone responsible for sex drive, are often associated with being overweight. Without enough testosterone, men aren't able to get erections, and aren't that interested in having sex in the first place.

Belly fat, along with being a strong indicator of potential heart disease, also impacts hormonal production of testosterone, more so than other weight gain distribution. Although weight loss may improve heart health, it may not have as positive an impact on testosterone levels. In this case, treatment with an oral medication like Levitra can help restore sexual function back to normal.

Emotional Issues

Men who are obese may suffer from low self-esteem. Although it's hard to say which is responsible initially, low self-esteem and depression are often very closely connected. And both emotional issues can be responsible for problems with erectile function. Additionally, men who are diagnosed with clinical depression and taking medication like SSRIs may find they suffer from ED as a side effect of their antidepressant medication. Continued low self-confidence and frustration over sexual performance can just continue to exacerbate the problems with performance.

Seeking Help

Returning your sex life back to its normal levels might be the deciding incentive for men who were already considering losing weight. Weight loss can immediately help improve heart and circulatory health, as well as resolve secondary health issues which can contribute to erectile dysfunction like diabetes. In the interim, treatment with Levitra or other medication can restore immediate sexual capability. Between weight loss and Levitra, men will see a vast improvement in their self-esteem and self-confidence levels, breaking the ED cycle once and for all.

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