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Although erectile dysfunction may seem like a limited physical issue, the truth is that ED can have a widespread negative impact across many aspects of your life. In fact, the psychological effects of erectile dysfunction on not just one but both partners involved in the sexual relationship may be even more devastating over the long run.

Mental Impact

Erectile dysfunction can be a result of physical issues, such as low testosterone or other changes associated with aging, or can be due to mental stress, anxiety or depression. When the causes are physical, the ongoing frustration with having erectile dysfunction in the first place often leads to secondary psychological changes. The concern and distress over having problems in the bedroom can very quickly become health concerns like social anxiety disorder or clinical depression. Of course, the longer these secondary conditions continue, the more the initial diagnosis of erectile dysfunction is exacerbated.

Seeking Treatment

When men with erectile dysfunction suffer from secondary or additional mental strain over the situation, they may end up seeking help for their psychological stress. Although this assistance may come in the form of counseling, often the recommendation is to begin prescription medication as treatment to alleviate the symptoms of chemical imbalances like depression or anxiety.

Unfortunately, although these medications may be effective at relieving some of the symptoms related to mental stress, they often have sexual side effects, commonly including erectile function problems. So although depression or anxiety have developed as a direct result of sexual dysfunction, the treatment for the secondary psychological issues in and of itself prevents resolution as far as the original sexual issue is concerned.

Before long, everything feels completely out of control. Life at home and at work can both start to suffer. Erections become impossible because of the stress and anxiety that have come to surround these bedroom issues. To control the psychological symptoms, the drugs you need only make the sexual performance problems even more difficult to conquer.

Regaining Control

When both issues need to be treated, where do you start? How can you break the cycle? By seeking prompt and early treatment like Levitra for your sexual issues, the psychological issues are stopped in their tracks without needing expensive SSRIs and their troubling side effects.

Taking just a single Levitra ensures that, physically, an erection is completely possible with normal sexual stimulus. Even one successful sexual experience can immediately help both partners feel more positive about their intimate relationship. Relief over no longer having to worry about performance issues, plus the physical and mental health benefits of restoring a healthy sex life, both contribute to an improved mental state. Over time, with continued use, Levitra can renew confidence and increase mental health to a much more positive state.

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