Why Levitra Is so Effective

Erectile dysfunction can be challenging to treat, because although the symptoms present themselves similarly, the condition may arise from either physical or psychological causes, or may be a combination of both. This set of unique factors makes finding a successful treatment for everyone trickier than other health conditions. However, oral medication seems to be the best option for alleviating the symptoms of ED, regardless of the causes.

Crossover Causes

Erectile dysfunction might present as a symptom of stress, anxiety or depression. Or, ED may itself cause any of these psychological strains, when the causes of the sexual dysfunction are physical in nature. By the time patients finally visit a doctor, the true causes may no longer be identifiable, at which time it's best to start by treating the symptoms. How can the symptoms be treated, though, when the cause is uncertain?

Addressing only the psychological manifestations that can lead to ED have mixed results. Medications normally used to treat depression and anxiety may themselves have unwanted sexual side effects. Counseling may be effective to resolve stress or relationship problems, but if there is an underlying physical cause of ED then it can be a lot of wasted time and money for nothing.

The physical treatments for erectile dysfunction can be oral medication or internal, from an injection. Mechanical devices such as implants and pumps may also be indicated in certain cases. Although these methods may bring about an erection, ED that arises from psychological causes may not be sufficiently resolved. The embarrassment from having to deliver manual injections into the penis, or utilize a mechanical pumping device may even exacerbate the issue.

Oral medications like Levitra (vardenafil) can help break the cycle. Vardenafil can be taken before sexual activity begins, allowing for a true spontaneity in the bedroom that just can't be achieved through other ED treatment methods. Additionally, the effects of vardenafil can last for several hours, allowing for multiple sessions. Since vardenafil is a vasodilator, the pill itself doesn't cause an erection, but only provides the means for an erection to develop in combination with sexual stimulus. Unlike other treatments, this delivers the most natural sexual response available, so continued use of the drug can remain private and discreet.

Continued Healing

Through the ongoing use of Levitra, the psychological strain associated with ED can slowly fade as the patient regains his sexual confidence and prowess with continued use. Other treatment methods can feel unnatural and invasive, just making both partners even more aware of the sexual problems at hand. This is not beneficial to resolving the dysfunction. Oral medication like Levitra, on the other hand, is subtle and noninvasive, allowing couples to regain their former levels of sexual intimacy without feeling like it's an issue which needs constant management.


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